Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dressing tips for an outdoor concert

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MINK: Shopping with Portland Picks,#3
Here’s a clothing conundrum: What do you wear to an outdoor concert? You’ll probably need to sit (and most likely on grass if you’re anything like me and forget a blanket—or bring a blanket, and then forget where you left it after you trek for 30 minutes to get a beer.) And you’ll need something super-comf,  as well as something that won’t expose the Little Kims when you bend over, or flash the Lohan when you squat down.

So, here’s a template for weathering outdoor concerts in style, courtesy of Mink boutique!

First:  If you don’t want sunburned shoulders, or you don’t want to be the nerd who wears the band t-shirt to see the band, you’ll need a lightweight top with some coverage. I’m liking this Silk Stripe Top from Olive and Olivia because I always think that everyone at a show looks cooler than me, and in this shirt, they’re getting some competition.
Silk Stripe Top from Olive and Olivia
 Second: Since not every gal has the thighs for cut-offs—let alone regular old shorts—a pair of perfectly rolled jeans is a sure thing. These Annie boyfriend jeans (they come pre-rolled at the perfect "crop" length) from Kut have ample room for jumping up when you gotta “wooooo!” your favorite song without splitting wide open, deep pockets for stashing tickets and cash, and the sexiness of a boyfriend jean.
Annie boyfriend jeans by Kut
 Third: Jewelry that will catch the light (and the eye of that hottie by the vegan hot-dog stand), but won’t make you wanna die if you lose it. Well, this Shield Necklace by Favor Jewelry might bum you out big-time if you lose it... but it’s so cute you gotta have it!
Shield Necklace by Favor
And finally: A hat! This cutie from Imelda’s has a lot of style, will keep you cool, and transitions from day to night without making you look like the girl who won’t take her sunglasses off even though the sun has gone down.
Pistil Pixie Hat               

Rock on.

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