Thursday, July 28, 2011

We won, we won!

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We can't help but puff up our chest and brag just a little bit and THANK all our loyal Mink-ettes (that's my name for Mink fan's BTW), we won The 2011 Mercury's readers choice best boutique in Portland!
We're pleased as punch. We have a little quiz of our own.  If you score well on this quiz (you have to correct this yourself so don't cheat) you'll earn some special prizes.

1. If you mention the Portland Mercury while at the cash wrap we'll
a. give you a hug
b. give you a high five
c. give you a discount on dresses

 2. If you ask an employee for help with an outfit we usually
a. Tell you to figure it out yourself
b. ask you questions and make relevant suggestions
c. Suggest perfume, the perfect compliment to any outfit!

3. Mink has been in business for:
a. Just over 4 years
b. Just over 2 years
c. Just over 1 year

4. The owner of Mink is:
a. Katy Perry
b. Carla Mink
c. Glen LaFollette

Quiz key: 1.c  2.b   3a   4.b or c
  • If you got one or less right, sorry I don't know that we can award you anything, this was a pretty easy quiz.  Study harder next time.
For web customers please use the coupon code "favorite" to take advantage of this special offer!

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