Monday, October 3, 2011

Mother daughter shopping spree

Share | may or may not be surprised, but I don't get to shop for myself all that much.  But it's true, because I pretty much work all the time.  When you don't see me in the store, I'm holed up in my office working away.  Hey, I'm not complaining.  I LOVE my job!  This weekend was different though.  I decided to take a whole weekend off and go visit my mom in the Spokane area.  Every fall season I do a major "fall shop."  This year I split my fall shopping up between Mink and my trip to Spokane. The idea was that my mom would pick me up at the airport and we'd have a "girls' day out" shopping.  Even though Spokane is not what one would consider a shopping metropolis, I was super excited.  I never get to do this!  We decided to hit downtown Spokane because there are both department stores and boutiques, and I pretty much needed a little bit of everything from denim to bras and underwear to boots. So, here is my Mink/Spokane fall shopping spree (keep in mind I lost a few pounds so I need a little bit more than usual this year):

Fall shopping list:

          1.  New denim, dark wash. I buy denim every year in the fall. My favorites from last season have usually been worn to death so it's time to invest again. Since none of my jeans fit right now, I bought one pair but am still looking for 2 more.
    Joe's Honey in Lainey wash
              2.  Fall pants, on-trend style.  This year I went for skinny cords.
      Kut from the Kloth Skinny Cord
                3.  Tops.  I always buy 3-8 new tops.  Does that seem excessive?  There are 7 days in a week and I go through my favorites really fast because I wear them so often.  So to me, no, it doesn't seem excessive.  Especially when I'm including basics in there! Here's a few I bought:

        From Left to Right: Bailey 44 Half Time Top, Velvet Nahlah Top, Nic + Zoe Jaquard Top, Velvet Merina Top
                  4.  Must-have dress.  I always buy fall/winter weight dresses because I love to pair dresses with boots.  Plus, fall dresses help me feel better about myself because they have more structure and a little  more material:).  I've bought 2 this year, but am still looking for 3 more.  We have big orders due today and tomorrow in the store, so maybe my new dress(es) will be in there! A couple I purchased:

                                                               Velvet Charrie Dress & Bobi Modal Collar Dress    
          5.  Cardigans. I buy 3-8 of the lovelies.  We live in Oregon, after all, so that makes us layering people!
          A few Cardigans I just couldn't resist:

                      6.  Fall jacket. I cleaned out my jacket closet and got rid of 3 old jackets that had seen better days. I felt great about this one I plan to have for many, many years!
            Bailey 44 Gigolo Jacket

                      7.  Bras.  A good bra has about a year of life before the elastic is shot and the "ladies" no longer look perky.  I just got two new bras and my bust has seriously never looked better (well except maybe when I was twenty-one).  The bra I bought and love.  Got it in two colors:
            Wacoal bra from Macy's
                      8.  Boots.  Okay, I'm not going to lie.  I bought 3 pair this year.  To be fair, though, I only bought one   pair last year and I wore them to death!  I just needed to have more boots in rotation so they will ultimately last longer.  I'm not a shopaholic, I'm not a shopaholic, I'm not a shopaholic...
            Boots I bought:

            Frye Carson Lace up From Imelda's and  Steve Madden Intyce boots from Nordstorm (bought these in this color and black)

                      9. New undies. I splurged on seamless Calvin Klein hipsters.  LOVE them and the fact that I just kissed my underwear lines away!
            Calvin Klein Hipster Invisibles

            Although I still have a few more things on my list, I need to recover and recharge a bit.  All that shopping wore me out!
            Spokane shops we loved:
            My mom loves Jigsaw.  Perfect for gals over 50.  My mom found 2 very cute tops she couldn't walk away from!
            I loved Cues.  I bought a sweater from them and wanted a lot more...but as you know I get almost all my clothes from my store, so I felt like I majorly splurged by buying any clothing outside of my four walls!
            Please let us know if you need help with your fall shopping list. Remember we're here to make you look and feel fabulous!

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