Thursday, July 28, 2011

We won, we won!

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We can't help but puff up our chest and brag just a little bit and THANK all our loyal Mink-ettes (that's my name for Mink fan's BTW), we won The 2011 Mercury's readers choice best boutique in Portland!
We're pleased as punch. We have a little quiz of our own.  If you score well on this quiz (you have to correct this yourself so don't cheat) you'll earn some special prizes.

1. If you mention the Portland Mercury while at the cash wrap we'll
a. give you a hug
b. give you a high five
c. give you a discount on dresses

 2. If you ask an employee for help with an outfit we usually
a. Tell you to figure it out yourself
b. ask you questions and make relevant suggestions
c. Suggest perfume, the perfect compliment to any outfit!

3. Mink has been in business for:
a. Just over 4 years
b. Just over 2 years
c. Just over 1 year

4. The owner of Mink is:
a. Katy Perry
b. Carla Mink
c. Glen LaFollette

Quiz key: 1.c  2.b   3a   4.b or c
  • If you got one or less right, sorry I don't know that we can award you anything, this was a pretty easy quiz.  Study harder next time.
For web customers please use the coupon code "favorite" to take advantage of this special offer!

    Friday, July 15, 2011

    QR codes and fashion

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    Scan this QR code to get to Mink's Yelp page

    You've probably noticed those square bar-code looking thingies popping up all over the place. If you haven't, start looking out for them--you'll notice them pretty much on everything. If you don't know what a QR code is, I'll give you a very short explanation: they are Quick Response codes generated by a computer that, when scanned by your smart phone, take you to a desired website. Attempting to stay tech savvy, I realized a few months ago that we too should start using QR codes in our marketing, hand fliers and soon, in our window displays. Being a women's clothing boutique in Portland on a busy street like SE Hawthorne has its advantages--we get lots of foot traffic! But even when we are closed, the QR codes posted in our display windows will allow strollers to shop with us. In case you don't already know, we launched on-line sales last November and they have been going strong ever since. We don't charge shipping and there's no sales tax in Oregon, so our website has been a hit from the very beginning! As we get better and better at QR codes, we plan on offering QR codes as a service to customers to find out more about a particular line, or more about our store and how we work. We carry so many "feel good" brands and items that it will be fun to be able to share some of our favorite designers' stories. So, welcome to the future, and start Qr-ing if you haven't already!
    Scan this QR code as a type of scavenger hunt. You'll like what you find, I promise!

    Tuesday, July 12, 2011

    Dressing tips for an outdoor concert

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    MINK: Shopping with Portland Picks,#3
    Here’s a clothing conundrum: What do you wear to an outdoor concert? You’ll probably need to sit (and most likely on grass if you’re anything like me and forget a blanket—or bring a blanket, and then forget where you left it after you trek for 30 minutes to get a beer.) And you’ll need something super-comf,  as well as something that won’t expose the Little Kims when you bend over, or flash the Lohan when you squat down.

    So, here’s a template for weathering outdoor concerts in style, courtesy of Mink boutique!

    First:  If you don’t want sunburned shoulders, or you don’t want to be the nerd who wears the band t-shirt to see the band, you’ll need a lightweight top with some coverage. I’m liking this Silk Stripe Top from Olive and Olivia because I always think that everyone at a show looks cooler than me, and in this shirt, they’re getting some competition.
    Silk Stripe Top from Olive and Olivia
     Second: Since not every gal has the thighs for cut-offs—let alone regular old shorts—a pair of perfectly rolled jeans is a sure thing. These Annie boyfriend jeans (they come pre-rolled at the perfect "crop" length) from Kut have ample room for jumping up when you gotta “wooooo!” your favorite song without splitting wide open, deep pockets for stashing tickets and cash, and the sexiness of a boyfriend jean.
    Annie boyfriend jeans by Kut
     Third: Jewelry that will catch the light (and the eye of that hottie by the vegan hot-dog stand), but won’t make you wanna die if you lose it. Well, this Shield Necklace by Favor Jewelry might bum you out big-time if you lose it... but it’s so cute you gotta have it!
    Shield Necklace by Favor
    And finally: A hat! This cutie from Imelda’s has a lot of style, will keep you cool, and transitions from day to night without making you look like the girl who won’t take her sunglasses off even though the sun has gone down.
    Pistil Pixie Hat               

    Rock on.

    Catch up on everything that’s happening in Portland! Sign up for a free subscription at
    Portland Picks
     Guest blogger Alisa Sloan is the  editor of Portland Picks and an all around fashion maven in the Portland scene.  We're so very lucky because she happens to be one of our P-town besties and we get to hang out and dish with her on a regular basis!  One of our favorite topics to talk about is fashion. Once a month Alisa will pick out the "best" outfit for common situations we ladies find ourselves in. 

    Saturday, July 9, 2011

    What's the Word on "Batwing" Sleeves??

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    Veronica M. Batwing dress in palm canyon
    Veronica M. Batwing dress in mojito

    Here at Mink we recently received a shipment of Veronica M.'s lovely "Batwing" style dress. Personally, this is one of my favorite styles from the designer. It's simultaneously trendy and flattering, while maintaining the wear-ability of her other designs. However, those unfamiliar with this contemporary adaptation of the dolman style sleeve may ask: what exactly is going on here??

    As you may suspect, the dolman sleeve is not a new trend. In fact, it originated in Turkey in the Middle Ages where it served the purpose of simplifying the production of garments. In the early 1900s the fashion world became fascinated with the east and the dolman sleeve was appropriated into many designs. The style quickly became associated with effortless elegance. In the 1970s the trend blossomed once more, showing up on dresses and tops in various prints and fabrics.

    The "batwing" version of the dolman sleeve is a product of the 1980s, during which the sleeve was featured on both formal attire and sportswear. Its popularity during this time is attributed to the fact that the voluminous shoulders and sleeves created the illusion of a smaller waist. I believe the style stills serves this purpose today! On the Veronica M. dresses there is a fitted band that encircles the smallest part of the waist. The contrast of the fitted v-neck collar and narrow waist, along with the billowy sleeves makes this style fit like a dream! No fussing and adjusting with this one--throw it on and you're good to go!



    Thursday, July 7, 2011

    Top Ten Summer Essentials

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    Summer has finally hit the Pacific NW and as the temperature rises hemlines creep up, fabrics become breezier, and we crave color! While I love to leave town for an occasional gorge hike, I’m spending most of my days around town, walking and biking a lot.  It’s important that my summer essentials are not only cute, but practical.  So here's what you need to feel easy, breezy and fully prepared this summer: 
    1. A long Torso-ed white V neck tee
      Splendid Light Jersey V-neck
       I love it when I can wear white!  I'm much too pale most of the year to pull off white, so I relish the few months I can wear it. Why do I insist it must have a long torso? Because if it has length it becomes oh-so-versatile!  I can tuck it into pants, shorts, or a skirt and have enough fabric to blouse the tee at the waistline. The length also allows me to belt it and slouch it. In the first pic, the tee is styled loosely and a bit shirred, the second picture shows it belted and slouched.

       2.   Killer sunglasses 
      D&G Sunglasses
      So, I've got a little secret.  If you spend a lot of money on eye-wear, you'll stop losing them.  Two years ago I spent a pretty penny on some D&G sunglasses and guess what?  I still have them and they don't have a hint of a scratch on them. This is so unlike me!  For the years before my D&G's I was averaging between 5-10 pairs of sunglasses a season.  Between scratching the heck out of them, sitting on them, leaving them who-knows-where, I was seriously replacing my shades every few weeks. Because I've now had the same lenses for 2 years I think this year I've actually saved money (and saved a little plastic from being thrown in a landfill).

      3. Jewelry with pop of color, but neutral enough to wear with anything.

      Favor Triple Orbit by Monika Reed
            I'm a huge fan of this Favor necklace!  I know I've been pushing the statement pieces for awhile, but I might be burnt out on "big."  Or maybe since all trends are cyclical, jewelry is trending back to petite. Whatever it is, I'm digging understated jewels these days.  I love the clarity of the blue topaz in this necklace and I'm a huge fan of gold. This piece has just the right amount of color.  I can pair it with anything from denim to dresses. Bonus: Monika Reed from Favor only uses recycled metals and it's all locally made in Portland.

      4. The perfect colorful dress

      Veronica M. Shirred Sleeve Wrap Dress
      So if you've shopped in Mink then you've probably noticed that I swoon over mixing classic shapes with fun prints. This dress is the perfect example of one of my favorite mash-ups! There's something about this print that just screams sunshine! The hem is long enough that I can ride my bike in it and not flash the world my undies, and the sleeves make it versatile enough that I can wear it into fall and "winter it up" with a pair of black boots.  But let's not get off topic.  It's summer, no thoughts of rain allowed, and I'm happy to report all of my boots are in storage!

      5. All natural sunscreen.

      Kimberly Sayer's all natural sunscreen
      My skin is really sensitive.  The only sunscreen that doesn't feel like I've put acid on my face after applying is Kimberly Sayer's all natural sunscreen.  It's a 25 SPF, so you have to be okay getting a little bit of sun.  It's also a little tinted so it helps my skin's texture appear a bit more even after I apply it to my face.  Nova from Bare Esthetics turned me on to this stuff.  BTW, if you need a wax, I swear by Nova. She may be the best in Portland; that's my personal opinion.

      6. On trend nail color
      Printi NYC Geisha Girl
      I have this purple color on my toes right now.  It's light enough that I barely notice when it's beginning to chip, but has enough color to make a statement.  I love that it's somewhere between purple, pink, and gray.  This color has a little bit of everything.  If you're not a fan of purple, here's a color chart of on-trend nail colors I made up for you.

      Hot nail color trends for summer 2011
      7. The perfect pair of heels.
      Everybody Toas
      Remember, I said practical.  These heels certainly aren't towering, but they'll give me enough "lift" to make my calves look better.  I swear by wearing at least a little bit of a heel if you're showing off leg. I chose these particular yellow shoes because: A. Everybody Shoes is my absolute favorite shoe brand.  Their leather is so soft and supple, it's a steal for the quality. I've spent literally hundreds more on leather that's not nearly as soft. B. They are some of the most comfortable shoes I own.  I have over 5 pairs of Everybody's and they are my most worn, most favorite shoes. C. They carry them next to where I work.

      8. A Free Weather App for your smart phone
       It's true, I'm obsessed with the weather, but isn't any good Portland-er?  My obsession has reached a whole new level because I now track the weather with Doppler radar.  Hey, a girl is allowed to be prepared, right?

      9. Denim that you can cuff or roll
      Kut Annie boyfriend, COH Avedon jean leggings in Divine
       I personally prefer to cuff or roll full-length pants instead of purchasing crop pants.  The main reason  is that crop pants never quite hit me in the right place on my leg.  A plus to buying full length vs. crops is you can use full length denim all year long.  One caveat: you can only properly roll or cuff skinny jeans.  Nothing looks more awkward than a rolled boot cut, or the attempt at cuffing a trouser.  Ladies, stick to the skinny's if you're going to cuff or roll.  These two are my favorites pair of skinny's for different reasons. The Kut skinny boyfriends on the left are an incredibly  light-weight denim.  They feel great and have a nice summer wash.  The Citizen's of Humanity Avedon jean leggings on the right are the most comfy jeans I've ever worn, plus they have 100% recovery!  That means you don't have to worry about them bagging out...ever!

      10. The right bright for your lips.
      Both bold 90's inspired colors and neutral girl-next-door lips are the rage this season.

      Are you bold? Here's your 2011 summer trend lipstick color palette:

      I love that the lipstick color trends span from bright orange to sexy hot pink.  And check out that "goth-y" purple!   I so wore that color in high

       Neutral, neutral, neutral.  We can't seem to get enough of neutral in clothing, shoes and now lips!

      So that's it folks. That's my top 10 list of summer essentials.  Of course, stop by the shop for fashion advice.  We're here to make you look and feel fabulous!
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