Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hot tips for spring shopping!

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Oh, what the change of season does to my wardrobe! The bite of winter is still in the air, but I’m utterly sick of wearing only charcoal, gray, and black. My wardrobe is starting to feel boring, but I still can’t wrap my head around tank tops, strapless dresses, or anything that screams “summer!” too loudly. What's a girl to do?
Well, I’ll share my mid-season fashion secrets with you—one fashionable girl to another. It’s about this time of year that I have to do a little shopping, but I do it strategically. I want my purchases to last the WHOLE season. It’s during this time that I like to mix my practicality with my impulsiveness. I think they blend together to create the perfect, fashionable me!

In Oregon we don’t truly warm up until the end of June, so I love to buy long sleeve tops in bright pop-y colors. Wearing brights makes me feel...well, just brighter and decidedly more happy! AND I can wear long sleeves in the evenings on all but the warmest of Portland summer days.
Splendid Button Shoulder Top
Weston Wear Scarlet Top


Splendid Boatneck Pocket Top

It's about this time of year that I feel like my denim needs a major overhaul. Let's face it: I wear denim year-around in Portland, so come March I need a new pair of jeans. This year many different kinds of denim have entered the scene: boot cut is a major player again, colored denim is making a comeback (we are getting brick red and bright blue any day now), and the skinny and straight leg are still holding on strong.
My favorites this season are:
Joe's Honey in Mona
Joe's Honey in Jenny
Joes provocateur in Blair

One maxi trend I can get behind this time of year is the maxi skirt. I can wear with it with a cardigan and pair it with boots to stay practical while still being spring-y. What I love about the maxi skirt is that I can pull the waistband of the skirt up to a high point on my waist--which makes the bottom hem hit higher on my leg--or I can wear it lower on my hips for an ultra-long summer look. One skirt, two different looks-- Ahhhh---the versatility!

Velvet Tisha Skirt
And last, but certainly not least is the spring dress. Until the weather is perfect enough to wear my dresses just as they are, I LOVE layering cardigans on top and tights and boots on the bottom. You can make almost any dress weather appropriate with the right layering pieces!
Velvet Tashi Dress
Nic and Zoe Stitch Bolero Cardigan
Nic + Zoe color block sweater dress
I hope my hot tips help you be a better shopper! If you haven't been into the store in awhile you will be blown away by all the new arrivals in the store! It absolutely screams spring--in a practical way :)

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  1. Great post, I wish I would have read this in the spring. I love the velvet tisha skirt. I have been wearing so many casual strapless dresses this summer. Its funny because I used to hate strapless dresses but I have so many I can't even count them.


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