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Inroducing James Jeans!

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This is a question and answer about WHY we chose James Jeans as our 5th denim line in the store! They fit incredibly! Right now we have The Twiggy, Neo Beau (boyfriend), The Hunter, and the Couture Collection. And YES--we've sold them straight out of the box!!

1.  Why was your line started?  By whom?  When?   

James Jeans was started by James and his wife Seun about 6 years ago. The company is based out of Los Angeles, CA and this is where production takes place. James is the business man behind the brand while Seun is the designer. Seun, excelled in couture pattern making; thus, staying true to her roots she drapes each and every pattern by hand, and constantly updates and perfects our fit.   (A rarity in the denim world today). A size 28 at the time, Seun was trying on jeans and nothing seemed to fit properly. She felt uncomfortable and insecure. This inspired her to create the perfect fitting jean to hide ones flaws while accentuating their assets. Seun’s overall goal is for every woman to feel comfortable, confident and sexy in their Jeans.

2. What is a perfect fit?

A perfect fit must be both comfortable feeling and sexy looking.  The perfect fit which James Jeans has been able to attain tightly sucks in and holds where it must (thigh); lifts up and molds where it must (butt); gives in and breathes where it must (waist).  Most brands can accomplish one or the other.  Some brands are known for their sexy fit . . . but fail on the comfort test.  However, James Jeans has solved the riddle of a perfect fit.  It feels comfortable yet it looks sexy and slim accomplishing the yin & yang opposites of denim fitting.  With James Jeans, you can literally have the cake and eat it too. 

3.  How is your fit, wash and style different from other lines? 

We really focus on providing a fit that complements all body types. Every jean features a contoured waistband which is lower in the front and higher around the back to avoid “muffin top”. We offer a variety of different rise options-low, mid and as well as higher rise.  At this point, the mid and higher rises options are about 80% of our business. This is what sets our best selling Twiggy Legging Jean apart from our competitors. The higher rise (9”) of our Twiggy has been one if its main selling points and our customers love the fit.

When it comes to washes it is important that the denim feels good on the body so while updating the washes as trends change we still stick to our foundation when it comes to comfort. So whether it’s adding super stretch or extra laundering we go to all lengths to offer luxurious washes that will mold to the body. 

As far as Twiggy, we have an amazing wash selection heading into Fall 2010. While there are many options it is important that our legging jeans maintain the denim persona therefore we have created unique washes without straying too far away from our denim roots. 

4. What’s the deal with the thing on the back pocket of all your jeans?

That’s our signature “back dart” – it’s really genius… sorry’s patented to JAMES JEANS.  Seun developed this back dart to contour a backside. It’s actually a 3-Dimensional butt-lifter! 

***Did you know that James Jeans styles are all names of people?!
Just look inside any pair of James Jeans (under the size, a little white tab) to see what style you are holding!
Twiggy…              legging Jean
James…               basic bootcut
Tom…                   basic straight leg
Hector…               higher rise bootcut
Hunter…              higher rise straight leg
Randi…                  higher rise skinny

5.  How do you get into the mind of your customer and who is your customer? 

Our Customer is a woman between the ages of 20-60 who wants to look and feel good in her jeans while still being fashionable. She places emphasis on the fit of her jeans and continues to buy updated basics but also enjoys novelty pieces at the right price. Therefore we make fit our number one priority and constantly update the washes of our core bodies as trends change. Twiggy in particular has been a favorite amongst women of all ages as the higher rise and super stretch has been the perfect fit for our 20 year old as well as our 60 year old mothers and the price point can’t be beat (extremely important to customers today).  They fall in love with James Jeans and want  more and more options in the same fit. 

6.  How are your trends formulated and from where do you derive your inspiration? 
Inspiration comes from everywhere so it is hard to pin point precisely. We get inspired from everything from a Multitude of Art, current fashion, History, and by sourcing new textiles and just being hands on with different fabrics. We take all of that inspiration and filter it utilizing Trend reports and Current research on Past/Present Fashion trends. What we end up with is a huge grid of styles which we then edit and trim in order to tighten and Polish.
7.  In what direction, and trend, is your company headed for Fall? 

The legging trend is going to continue to be extremely important in the fall.  It may even be the new “basic.”  Due to our amazing success with Twiggy we are offering a slew of great new Fall washes.  We have added Twiggy Cords as well as a luscious Fall color story of Twiggys to the assortment. 

The Skinny jean has also been dominating and we expect that it will continue to do so. Therefore we have expanded our wash selection in our Randi (higher rise, pencil leg) jean. Touching upon the embellishment trend we have added some pocket detail but still offer updated classic clean dark washes which are always top sellers.  

8.  If you had to make a list of celebrities who inspire your designs, who would be on that list? 
-Halle Berry
-Kate Beckinsale
-Charlize Theron
-Katie Holmes
-Blake Lively
9.  Who are your muses…past, present and future and why?

Our muse is your everyday woman looking for an amazing pair of jeans that exceeds all of their Denim Expectations.   

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