Friday, August 7, 2015

Fall 15 Denim Trends

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It's that time of year again. It doesn't feel like fall, but it's right around the corner. As the sweaters and denim start piling up around us (the store looks great BTW), I feel like it's my duty to report that this season is the first season in awhile that we've seen a real shift in denim.

For the past 8 years it's been all about the skinny. This year the skinny is slowly being replaced by the straight leg, the boyfriend, and the flare.

From left to right, straight leg, boyfriend cut, the flare
That doesn't mean you have to throw your skinnys away, but that does mean that maybe it's time to think about a change...updating your collection....retiring them just for a little bit. Here's some pictures to help inspire you. Change is hard, but you can do it.

Ladies, this is the future of denim.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

End of Season Sale

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Take 50% off our entire sale rack (it's a big one!). We do two big sales a year, in July and January and whatever we don't sell goes away off our sales floor forever. So don't delay and get your booty shopping. It's hot out there! You definitely need some new summer clothes! XO

Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer Dress Sale!

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Take 20% off all dresses 
July 14th-July 19th! 

For web shoppers use the coupon code DRESSlOVE15

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Put a Belt On It

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The belt: an often forgotten accessory dangling in most closets that's kept many a mom-jeans from slipping down our ankles. But before you close the doors on the functional girdle as simply utilitarian, here are some fresh takes on the notorious hiphugger.

1. Waist-Cinching Superheroes

Billowy blouses are such a dilemma when all you'd like is some semblance of a waist. Have no fear, the waist-cincher's here! This adorable purple and white Obi belt made by Portland designer Sarah Bibb draws the eye to the waist for a crisis averted. (Obi belt $40)

2. An Outfit Game Changer

Take your finger, hold it up to the screen and cover that amazing orange belt--erase it from the photo. The result? A cute yet incomplete look begging for it's leather friend back. It's the perfect pop of color for the muted and simple color palette. (Ada leather belt $88)

3. Quality, Quality, Quality

I'll say it again, quality. All of our belts are made in the USA and the Sarah Bibb Obi belts are made right here in Portland! The Obi belt is interfaced with a stiff fabric to ensure stability and durability. The all-leather Ada belts are also pliable yet sturdy options. (pictured: Obi belt $40)

4. A Mink Dress Favorite

Pictured here is the beautiful, new Cari dress (with pockets) designed by Carla Mink! Her wearable and chic dresses pair so lovely with all of our belts. If you have a Carla Mink exclusive or are looking for the perfect dress, don't forget to pair it with an eye-popping Ada or Obi. 

Your belt should help, not hurt and they really are the fashion world's most underrated accessory. So stop on in the store and give one of these quality superhero Mink favorites a go!


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

All That Glitters: Featured Jewelers at Mink

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It's amazing what one piece of jewelry can do for an outfit--the glittering bangles, jewels and chains can turn an ordinary day ensemble into a complete and elegant look. It's a great way to transform your outfit from day to night. Plus, jewelry is an entirely different form of expressing your personal sense of style.

At Mink, we offer jewelry for every type of person and from many different inspirations. We love to support local and independent designers, and how lucky are we that they happen to be inventive and personable with their jewelry designs! Take a look at some of our featured jewelry designers below :)


Designer: Monika Reed, started making jewelry over 10 years ago

Inspiration: movement of shadows
                     shapes of leaves
                     the elusive perfect curve

Process: uses recycled material whenever possible
               made in Portland, OR

Fun Fact: part of the proceeds goes to support Women for Women International, which supports                        marginalized women in countries facing violence and war

Zoe Comings

Designer: Zoe Comings, has a background in fashion, fine jewelry and ceramics

Inspiration: dance, travel, nature, passage of time and sense of place

Process: uses clay and gold

Fun Fact: hand-makes all of her jewelry at her studio in Austin, TX

Anna Sukardi

Designer: Swedish designer, Anna and Javanese master-artisan Sukardi, design and create their                            jewelry in their home studio on the island of Bali

Inspiration: Nordic cool simplicity with the rich colors of Bali

Process: uses traditional methods of metal-smithing and vegetable tanning of ox-hide leather and 925                  sterling silver and brass

Fun Fact: eco-friendly jewelry that is made to be one-of-a-kind

Shop all of these designs and more at Mink and make a glimmering statement this summer!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

We Welcome Rachel as a Co-Owner!

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It's official, our Store Manager, Rachel Petersen has signed on as a co-owner of Mink!

Carla Mink on the left, Rachel Petersen on the right
Over the last couple of years Mink has grown its brand to include an in-house clothing line (Carla Mink) which has taken off at sonic speed! It's been an amazing creative endeavor and a wonderful experience with a steep learning curve. With a lot of late nights, sketches on bar napkins, and a fair amount of traveling, it's found a solid niche within the store and community. With the success of the clothing line and the time and energy it demands of me, it was the absolute perfect time to bring on a business partner who could help manage the retail side of things!

Rachel and I have been in each other's lives since 2000, when we worked together at Buffalo Exchange. Rachel quickly became a support manager for the Hawthorne location. We worked together for four years, and I mentored her in both buying and management. And quite honestly Rachel has always had a natural instinct for these things, and she taught me a lot as well.  I moved on to open Mink, and Rachel was promoted to Store Manager of the New York City Buffalo Exchange. When she decided to wanted to move back to Portland a couple of years later, she accepted a job as the Store Manager of Diesel and managed the Portland location until Diesel shut its doors in Portland a couple of years ago.

Rachel and I came back together and she signed on as Store Manager of  Mink in August of 2014, always with the idea that if she liked it, she was gonna own it! Her dream has been to open her own small business, so working at Mink was the perfect opportunity to test out the waters. Lo and behold it's been such a success! We've grown so much in the short time she's been here, probably cause she's damn good at her job and she loves it. Loves it so much that she now co-owns it!

Don't worry. I'm still here all the time. I just now have a partner in crime! Xo


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Denim Days

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Use the code DENIM15 to receive 15% off all bottoms online. Shop now! 
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